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Our Lady of Salvation Church - Dadar - Mumbai - INDIA

Medical Centre

Head:                   Dr. Belinda Vaz
Asst. Head:           Christine Pinto
Priest-in-charge:  Fr. Donath D'Souza


The Our Lady of Salvation Medical Centre is a general and multi-speciality clinic located on the Ground floor of the Salvation Seva Kendra. It is open to all irrespective of caste, creed or economic status. Besides consultation, medicines are also dispensed at the clinic. Patients are initially screened by a social worker and depending on economic status, are allocated to different categories with poorer patients paying a very marginal sum and affluent patients paying full consultation fees.












5.00 PM TO 6.00 PM





4.00 PM TO 5.00 PM





5.00 PM TO 6.00 PM





4.00 PM TO 5.00 PM





4.30 PM TO 5.30 PM





09.00 AM TO 01.00 PM










11.00 AM TO 12.00 NOON










03 30 PM TO 04 30 PM





03.00 PM TO 04.00 PM





11 30 AM TO 12.30 NOON





03.00 PM TO 04.00 PM





03.00 PM TO 05 00 PM





On Sunday, 10th January 2010, the Salvation Medical Centre conducted a workshop on “Tips to Healthy Cooking” by Nutritionist, Mrs. Geeta Palan.

The program began at 11.30 am with a Welcome Speech given by our very own Dr.Belinda Vaz.  The basic values of food, digestive periods of various fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts and seeds were explained. This information was very enlightening to all who attended, serving as an eyes opener to the ill effects of frequent drinking of tea, cooking foods in large amounts of oil, eating red meat, preparations of wheat  (chapattis etc). Alternative foods and methods of cooking were given to us.

The crowning glory was the snacks prepared by Flory who had attended a previous talk by Mrs Geeta Palan, which were so tasty and nutritious that everyone wanted second helpings.

The workshop concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr.Belinda at 12.45 pm





On 8th of November, 2009, a Thyroid Camp was organized by Salvation Medical Centre which was opened to all. The camp was organized by Dr Carlton Pereira, an eminent ENT Surgeon and sponsored by Abbott India Limited with a good turnout of 104 people both young and old. The camp started at 11.15 am with an introduction by Dr. Belinda Vaz followed by a talk by Dr. Carlton Pereira. He explained through a power point presentation the different types of thyroid problems/symptoms/medication.  Dr. B. Vaz then enlightened the audience through a powerpoint presentation on how the skin changes in thyroid problems. Then followed the question/answer session.


Rev.Fr. Aniceto gave the vote of thanks and presented Dr. C. Pereira with a token of appreciation. The parishioners then went in an orderly manner, according to their token numbers, picked up their plate of snacks, and lined up for their blood test. The test was to detect an underactive or overactive thyroid.  The whole programme was over by 1.30 pm.


The sponsors were impressed by the orderly and disciplined manner in which the camp was conducted.



Influenza A(H1N1) – Swine Flu/HIV/AIDS


The Salvation Medical Centre had arranged a talk on the recent scare of Influenza A(H1N1) - Swine Flu on 14th of September’09 at 5.30 pm at the Parish Hall for the Konkani Prayer Group. Dr Clement Fernandes, Chest  Physician, who attends to TB patients at the Salvation Medical Centre kindly agreed to give this talk enable remove the fear/ anxiety of the parishioners. He covered up following extensively through a power point presentation  –


1.  Signs & Symtoms - How it – spreads, diagnose, infecting some else, contagious, sources of contamination & Life of viruses outside the body.

2.  Protection/Warning signs in children & Adult.

3.  Precautions - Household cleaning, laundry and waste disposal

4.  Availability of Medicines - As vaccines unavailable -  Medicines like Tamiflu,  Antiviral drugs are prescribed.

5.  Names of Hospitals authorized/equipped to attend to Swine Flu.


Simultaneously he also gave a talk through slide projection on the fast spreading & deadly diseases - HIV/AIDS – a prime concern.


Eye Donation Camp

The Medical centre has initiated an eye donation project as part of our Outreach programme this season of Lent. In India, we have about 1.25 crore blind people. About 30 lakhs of these are ‘corneally blind’, that is, their blindness can be cured by a corneal graft from a donor. Unfortunately, there is a great shortage of people who donate their eyes after death.
Anyone can pledge their eyes. Eyes are donated only after death. After death, the next of kin inform the eye bank and the eye bank personnel collect the donated eyes within 6 hours of death. The donated eyes are used to treat 2 blind individuals.
Here is how you can help. You can pledge your own eyes and encourage your family and friends to do the same. Whenever there is a death in the family or neighborhood you can inform the next of kin about this noble cause. At the Medical centre we will be maintaining a record of parishioners who wish to donate their eyes after death. Whenever the Church is informed about a death, and if our records show that the person had pledged his or her eyes, someone from the medical Centre will remind the next of kin about it. The relatives can also contact the eye bank directly.
We have a stall set up in the Parish Hall where you can learn more about this and pledge your eyes by filling up a form. Remember, that this small action can bring light and joy to the lives of 2 blind people.
For photographs please click on the following link:



Our Parishioner, Mr. Mozart Costabir, age 80 yrs had a sudden death on 18.5.09 at his residence at Madonna Apartments (Former Resident of John’s Cot) His wife, Mrs Magdelina Costabir  immediately advised the Salvation Medical Centre about Mr. Costabir having  pledged his eyes while in Delhi and requested  to contact Gokhale  Eye Bank to do the needful. Accordingly, Dr. Nikhil Gokhale personally attended and removed the eyes in a matter of 15 minutes with no disturbance to the nearest family members or religious rites. This was indeed a noble beginning at our Parish after our eye donation awareness camp held in March 2009.


Remember- when you close your eyes in final rest know that the others will open in wonder at the world around them. Your Eyes After Death Need Not

Perish – Donate your eyes to Help Someone See. Encourage eye donation.


It was a great achievement and joy in seeing Our Lady Of Salvation Medical Centre completing its 25th year – Silver Jubilee - on 19th March, 2009 rendering yeomen and fruitful service to the parishioners and people of other faiths. On 22nd March 2009 we had the Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Neil Cerejo which coincided with his first mass after his ordination to priesthood in thanksgiving to God and Mother Mary, Patroness of the Medical Centre, for showering abundant blessings and giving the strength for its sustenance and growth. This was followed by a small gathering at Salvation Undercroft. It was really heartening to see ex and present doctors, volunteers, staff and various associations joyfully mingling with each other reliving the foundation day 25 years ago and its growth. Dr Anil Pinto, Chief Guest, whose parents were instrumental in sowing the seeds for a medical centre, was felicitated along with Fr Rocky Banz who took the initiative in founding the Centre.  The programme started with a Welcome Dance put up by the ladies of the self help group with all its simplicity and enthusiasm, giving thanks and praise to God and evoking his blessings. The welcome address was given by Fr Aniceto Pereira, Parish Priest; a Power Point presentation entitled “Milestones of The Salvation Medical Centre” was presented by Dr. Belinda Vaz, the Centre’s Medical Superintendent,  tracing the growth of the centre 25 years ago till today.  A beautiful enactment - Jesus, the Healer (in Indian Dance)  by the inmates of Gyan Ashram (Andheri) under the able guidance of  Fr Salat was an appropriate theme focusing on the teachings of Jesus -  reaching out to the poor and needy.  Then followed the Chief Guest’s speech and the vote of thanks by our CCO Director, Jennifer Fernandes.  The programme was ably anchored by our Master of Ceremonies Mr. Melwyn Sequeira, and the caterers, Mastson Katerers, served a delicious lunch.

Please click on the following link to view the Snaps of the Silver Jubilee held on 19th March 2009

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